This morning session was filled with character and spunk (mostly from R!).

The Z family came all the way down from North Carolina to stay at a family friends house in Fort Walton Beach for a summer vacation! R's brother, M, wasn't able to join their vacation because he stayed back for a sports camp, but I am so glad I got to meet the part of the family that I did. From the minute that they stepped onto the beach and we got to talking I knew we would vibe!

"When I was researching a photographer, I struggled with the fact that the website and the Instagram handle differed. I did most of my research via Instagram as I am not very active on Facebook, and that did cause some hiccups when I was trying to go back to find the Instagram page after booking. Sending the grid coordinates for the location of the photos was such an awesome idea! And I may have simply missed the parking blurb in the email, but I did have to call about where to park because google maps wanted me to park inside of a gated community. But that was really the only hiccup we had after booking! My family cannot thank Audrey enough for a low pressure, easy going morning session." - S.Z.