For Wedding Industry Professionals

I have always loved fancy dresses or unique accessories that would maybe be used once or twice. I "collected" unintentionally a bunch of formal dresses throughout college and refused to get rid of them with the thought that I "might" use them again. Well I found a use for them again and want to be able to give the options to other photogs to rent because who really wants to buy a $500 or $4,000 dress to use it once for a styled shoot?


Local pickup available in Destin, FL | shipping is $20.00 for continental USA unless otherwise stated | $50.00 for Hawaii + Alaska | no international shipping at this time 

renting rules

Items must be shipped via USPS, FedEX, or UPS with tracking and insurance for the full retail price of the item listed. If you choose not to insure the dress, you are responsible if the item is lost, stolen, damaged, etc. Delivery date is accurately estimated, but not guaranteed. It is important for you to account for this when selecting your rental dates.

Items are only to be used for styled shoots hosted by wedding industry professionals.

Rentals CANNOT be worn for non styled shoots photoshoots or events/weddings due to the uncontrolled environment; however,

If you want an item for a personal photoshoot I do have special pricing for each piece.

You are responsible for any damages exceeding $25 up to the full retail price of the dress listed above. Small repairs (such as beads falling off, threads coming loose, etc.) are expected due to normal wear and tear. Please try to return any loose beads with the item for repair.

If you need more than a 5 day rental additional dates can be added.

You are responsible for making sure the rental item is clean before sending to the next renter or returning. Spot cleaning by method of soaking in warm water and using a gentle stain remover is acceptable for small stains. NO BLEACH, NO WASHING MACHINES, AND NO DRYERS. Everything must be washed by hand and hung to dry. If the dress is too dirty it must be taken to a professional to be dry-cleaned, no exceptions. You are responsible for that cost.

Please note that this is for a personal photoshoot or client their is additional fees.

Where do you want the dress shipped to?

There is a $10.00 fee for clips

Choose your preferred rental start date. Keep in mind that your rental starts on the date chosen above, and I suggest choosing a date 2-3 days prior to your shoot date. Ex. if you choose 5/1/2022 as your start date your rental will need to be shipping back on 5/5/2022.