I am a destination wedding & family photographer based in Destin, Florida. I am originally from the small college town of Lexington, Kentucky, but before long my family moved to Toronto, Canada. My most vivid memory from living there is being able to walk into our backyard and straight onto my neighbor’s ice rink, much better than any indoor ice rink I have come across. Fast forward a handful of years, we moved to Nashville where I finished up elementary school and attended high school. I graduated from the University of Tennessee Knoxville in the spring of 2020 and I majored in marketing with a concentration in entrepreneurship.

I am an avid reader, traveler, and learner. You can never go wrong with a cup of coffee and a good book. My cat, Finn, will take rare breaks in his energetic day to curl up with me – he is good company!

my philosophy.

I look past the obvious - close observation and engagement of the subject is my process. The challenge is to see beyond the distraction of the conspicuous to capture its unique self. The little details that others may miss, I won’t. My favorite things to shoot are the little things - fire escapes between buildings, little lace details on a wedding dress, tiny little hands and feet. Those are the things that we so easily look over or think nothing of in our day to day life, but when you go back and look at my images I want you to think to yourself, “I didn’t even realize that detail or that she was taking this.” Those are the moments and memories that are most precious, the ones we don’t even realize are happening. 

I value all my clients and my goal is for them to always feel completely confident and comfortable. I bring an element of ease and thoughtfulness to the day that not everyone does. When you invest in me you are not only investing in a photographer, but in someone who truly wants to celebrate with you and wants to befriend you. This is not purely a business relationship. I do not see my clients as just clients – you invite me into important and intimate moments. I honor the trust you place in me and like to leave each shoot feeling that both of us have gained a friend. 


Small sessions are only offered Monday through Thursday (morning + sunset).

ALL packages come with "Your Guide to Your Family Photo Experience" packet or "Your Guide to Your Couple Photo Experience"

FAQs are located at the bottom of this page


Mini sessions are only offered Monday through Thursday mornings.


available Monday-Thursday (all times)
30 mins at 1 of 4 locations (listed below)
1 outfit + outfit guide
up to 6 family members
online gallery with 20 images & print shop (w/ option to purchase entire gallery)
print release


Morning Mini

available Monday-Thursday mornings
30 mins at Steeplechase
1 outfit + outfit guide
up to 4 family members
online gallery with 10 images & print shop (w/ option to purchase entire gallery)
print release


Location Options for Small Package


located of off Granny White Pike

  • smaller parking lot and does get full as the day goes on
  • requires a small walk to get to the the water


connected to Percy Warner Park

  • quite unless there is an event going on (which is infrequent)
  • no issues parking


located in next to 12 South

  • busier in the morning and evenings


  • can get busy in the evenings specifically